Nothing Lasts Forever is a conceptual fashion project that provides biodegradable and sustainable clothing options at a reasonable price. In opposition to the fast-fashion trend that has overtaken the industry for over a decade, NLF creates affordable unisex basics that can stand the test of time (or not). 
Using high quality cotton and hemp fabrics, natural dye techniques, and eco-friendly printing processes, each product is manufactured with as little environmental impact as possible which allows for the materials to break down to the fiber level more efficiently when introduced to natural weathering. This results in garments and daily essentials that can be used until the wearer is ready to recycle them back into the industry through textile repurposing or secondhand shops. At some point, the products will degrade beyond use, allowing the materials to naturally integrate into the surrounding environments in landfills or unintended public locations.
Fields: Branding, Typography, System Design
Toolkit: Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design
Year: 2023
Henry E.: Graphic Design, Asset Development, Concept Development
Gail S.: Concept Development
Emily B.: Concept Development
Alexa H.: Concept Development
Andrew G.: Concept Development

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