Ocho Cycling is a conceptual bicycle company that specializes in developing modular bike systems for serious cyclists. Formed by 8 friends out of Bend, Oregon that want to share their passion for cycling, Ocho hopes to create a family devoted to pushing the limits of the cycling experience. Intended for cycling enthusiasts that pursue any trail in any conditions at any time, each Ocho bike starts with a lightweight, modular frame that can adapt to different sets of parts depending on what the operator needs.
At Ocho, the idea of having muiltiple bikes for every condition is nonsensical. Sure, a mountain bike with intense treads and multi-speed gear gear systems serves a completely different purpose than a road cycle with marble-thin tires and aerodynamic geometry. However, bikes can get costly, take up a good portion of space, and providing maintenance can be difficult for newcomers or those with little time on their hands. Using the experimental MODE coupling system, every part developed by Ocho can be paired together for endless combinations for every condition.
Fields: Branding, Typography
Toolkit: Illustrator, Photoshop
Year: 2023


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